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Renegade600: Thanks for the help.  I checked Settings and found Alexa was recognizing the name of the podcast correctly - Theta Sigma's Doctor Who Podcast.  Appears she just doesn't find it on Tune In. 

JWLV:  Thanks for the help.  I'll try using the Alexa app (duh, never thought of that!)  I didn't think the name of the podcast would make a difference in the message, so I didn't include it.  But...if you like Doctor Who, this is an excellent podcast - Theta Sigma's Doctor Who Podcast.  (Alexa didn't understand Theta a couple times - Fada, Phadra - that was the tricky part of the name.)   
I suggest playing it through the Alexa app until Alexa learns that is the podcast that you want. In the Alexa app, tap the Play icon, tap Browse Music, choose TuneIn, then type in the name of the podcast in the search box.

You may have to do this a few dozen times until Alexa learns about your tastes in music or podcasts. There are times when Alexa will never learn it. Nothing you can do about it.

By the way, why did you neglect to post the name of the podcast? Wouldn't you think it could make it a lot easier for the folks on here to help you when they know what you are looking for. Unless the podcast is something perverted or embarrassing...
did you check your history in setting to see what it heard?   also without knowing the name of the podcast you are trying to listen to, there is no way to check to see if it is having problems
I'm trying to have Alexa play a specific podcast.  The podcast has a tricky name.  Alexa couldn't find it on Tune In, but I've verified it's definitely on Tune In.  I'm enunciating clearly, speaking slowly, but she either tells me she can't find it or she plays another podcast that I had requested previously.  I've tried spelling the name but she cuts me off.  No luck with anything I've tried.  Any thoughts? THANK YOU!
Amazon Echo Discussion / Echo Dot and Pandora Outside the United States Region
« Last post by battlecat on March 25, 2019, 01:46:08 pm »
Hi all. Quick question. I've been using my Echo Dot and Pandora successfully for a few months now.

I recently moved to Dubai and realised that when I ask echo to play any Pandora station it says "Currently I can't play that on Pandora in your region". Fine.

Here's the strange part though. If I go to browse music in the Alexa app and select Pandora, I can search And see my stations. If I select a station it begins playing Pandora on one of my Echo devices.

Is there a way I can select the speaker or device here? It is playing on my least used Echo I put device by default. Please help as I would either like to play this on a group I had created or a individual speaker. It's just goes to a default speaker and need a way to help change this (even through the app if voice does not work due to region restrictions).

Just FYI all my location settings are set to California with language as US English.  Thanks In advance guys. 
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: How Are You Liking Echo Guard
« Last post by kenf on March 25, 2019, 11:49:29 am »
I'll have to look into it.  I have ADT.  I never use the Alexa app, so never notice if it has a Guard button or if it is updating from ADT.

I was using IFTTT to update my SmartThings' security mode when ADT changed modes, but that quit working late last year.

Down Under Echo (Australia) / Re: Australian Alexa Replies to "thank you"?
« Last post by StrangeDucks on March 25, 2019, 10:59:54 am »
In the Alexa app, if you look under "Activity" you can find out what was said. When she replied, I looked it up. The expression was; "easy as!" I know that it is nothing like what I heard or at least I thought I heard but that is what she said. Everything else I recognized or have heard of it before. Surprisingly, it didn't appear in the link above. Maybe it is an expression from New Zealand.
I seemed to have found a workaround. This what I did.

  • Power down router
  • Unplugged all devices
  • Waited 5 minutes
  • Repowered router
  • Repowered all devices
  • Went to recreate Evereywhere group. Same problem but saved the ones I could
  • Once saved. I returned to the list and added the devices that said they were previously "Unavailable"
  • Resaved group

Not Ideal, but I have the group back up and running now
I have a multi-room music group set up called "Everywhere". This has worked well until the past few week, when only some of the devices work.

I decided to delete the group and re-create it from scratch. I create the new group, all four devices appear.  As soon as I select one of the four devices, the other three set to "Device Unavailable" and I am unable to select and re-create the group.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: How Are You Liking Echo Guard
« Last post by jwlv on March 25, 2019, 02:58:07 am »
I signed up to be notified about Echo Guard back in December last year. I'm still waiting for Amazon to make it available.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: How Are You Liking Echo Guard
« Last post by froglips on March 24, 2019, 07:42:17 pm »
Still waiting, just checked again and Guard still says get notified when available.
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