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Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa, Echo Dot, FireTV and Samsung TV
« Last post by barthelemy on December 10, 2019, 02:58:18 pm »
In fact, I just read a smart plug won't be able to turn my TV on and off :

Q: Can I use Smart Plug/Switch on my TV so that Alexa/Google Assistant/Home Kit can turn on/off the TV with voice? A: No, most TVs go into standby mode when you turn them off. Since the smart plug shuts off all power once the TV is turned off it would need to be manually turned on after power is restored

So not a solution for me

Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa, Echo Dot, FireTV and Samsung TV
« Last post by barthelemy on December 10, 2019, 02:20:21 pm »
not too sure what you are talking about regarding turning the tv on/off but I have a smartplug to do it for me.

Ok so what you mean is that I can use a smart plug with letting my TV always on and swtiching it off and on via the smart plug ?

Thanks all for your answers,

My goal would be to avoid to buy any other hardware to make it happen. My thinking is that I have a fireTV stick connected on HDMI (with CEC enabled on TV and FireTV stick) , currently my FireTV stick is perfectly controlled via Alexa (Echo dot), I can go and navigate on my fireTV stick with voice control, I can even switch on my TV with the FireTV stick remote "home" button (which means somehow that my FireTV stick is able to wake up my old Smart TV via HDMI-CEC) but then, why the FireTV stick would not be able to wake up the TV with voice control ? I have tried and when my TV is switched off, I ask Alexa to launch "pepa pig on Netflix", she is answering she is doing it but the TV stays off...

Somehow, I would like to have the voice control command for Alexa that would correspond to pushing the "home" button on the FireTV stick remote ? Somehow I do not think I would need alexa to recognize my TV as she recognizes ny fireTV stick and this one is able via the remote to wake my TV up.

I looked at IFFFT , it looks like an app only, how would it help me ? How much does it cost ?

Otherwise, the smartplug solution would look the least expensive, the TPlink Kazaa seems to have good review and it is pretty cheap, is it a good choice ?

Hope this is clearer  ;D
Awesome.  That answers my question!  Thanks!
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa, Echo Dot, FireTV and Samsung TV
« Last post by scottrods on December 10, 2019, 09:05:49 am »
I have an even older Toshiba TV (2010) and before all the latest TV's started coming with "Alexa Enabled", I bought and controlled all my Entertainment stuff with a Logitech Harmony Hub... by voice, using the stuff the Hub could connect to out of the box, then using YONOMI skills, I got it to be able to select and turn on multiple items at once. ie: "Alexa, turn on Apple TV", or "Alexa, Watch A Movie"... even "Alexa, Turn on Playstation" and she would turn on all items needed and set the TV and other stuff to the right mode or input as required... Nicely done at the time. So much has changed since then, but older stuff still works better if you use something like the Harmony hub and YONOMI
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa, Echo Dot, FireTV and Samsung TV
« Last post by renegade600 on December 10, 2019, 04:17:44 am »
not too sure what you are talking about regarding turning the tv on/off but I have a smartplug to do it for me. 
That depends on your music provider. If you are a Prime member and only use the included (free) Prime Music, you can only stream to one device at a time. If you try to stream on another device, it'll ask if you want to stop streaming music on the first device. If you have the Amazon Music Unlimited plan (not free), it can stream music to multiple devices at the same time. On the other hand, if your wife listens to Prime Music and you listen to another provider, say Pandora or IHeartRadio, they are from difference sources. And thus there are no restrictions on that. If you have two other Echo devices and stream music from Spotify and TuneIn, you could be playing 4 different music streams from 4 different providers at the same time. Each providers have their own rules on how many devices can play at the same time.
Can both Echo Dots play different things at the same time in different locations? I have one at my home and one at my office. My wife likes to listen to music from our prime music account and I like to listen to podcasts in my office. (at the same time) Is this possible and how do i set that up? Thanks
I ask Alexa (as usual) What is on TV tonight? Get times only after midnight as of recent.
No skill needed for this. Been doing this for years.

I am in Eastern Standard Time--equivalent to New York.

When I ask the question it is now telling me what is on tv after midnight regardless of when I ask this question during the day.
So in other words I get same answer if I ask at 8am, 3pm, 6pm EST.

Time on cell phone correct, time on router correct.

Not using an Alexa skill to ask what is on TV

If I ask Alexa what time is it, I will get the correct time..

Odd only happened recently.

So I went into Alexa app and ensured all setting sere correct for US, Eastern NY time. I then changed the time zone tom something else and changed back to correct time.

I also rebooted router and Alexa devices...Still no change. Tells me what is on TV at :12:06am.

Thank you
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa, Echo Dot, FireTV and Samsung TV
« Last post by jwlv on December 09, 2019, 06:30:23 pm »
TVs are usually not recognized devices in the Alexa app. Devices in this case usually refer to smartplugs, smart light bulbs, smart doorlocks, smart alarm/security systems, smart cameras. I have never seen a smart TV listed as a device in the Alexa app.

Whether your device is a TV, Blu-ray player, or something else, if it's not listed in the Alexa app under devices, you will most likely need to use an Alexa Skill to be able to control it by voice. If a skill is not available, that would indicate the manufacturer of the device is not supporting it for voice control. There are other ways to do it yourself, such as using IFTTT, Logitech Harmony, Samsung SmartThings, RMBridge, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. Some of the latter items would involve some tech savvy and coding experience.

You mentioned that you already have SmartThings. And I assume that you already looked for an Alexa Skill for your TV and did not find one. Your next step would be to talk to the people at the SmartThings forum to see how they did it. I do not own or use SmartThings, but I do hear that there are some brilliant things that the SmartThings forum are doing with their devices. A Google search should help you locate the SmartThings forum quickly.
Echo Technical Support / Re: Connect Echo Alexa to turn on TV XBR65X850F Smart TV 4 HBR
« Last post by jwlv on December 09, 2019, 06:21:04 pm »
Regardless of what came with your TV, whether it says it's Alexa enabled or otherwise, you still need to use an Alexa Skill. Every skill for every device will be different.

But in general, to start, go to the Alexa app on your smartphone. Tap the menu icon (the three bars at the top/left) and then tap Skills & Games on the menu. Search for the Sony Skill. Some skills are made specifically for a device, so it is possible that Sony could have multiple skills listed. Get the one that's appropriate for your TV. After you enable the skill, you will need to login to your Sony account via that skill, and then the Alexa App will ask for your permission to link Alexa with your Sony account.

The Sony Android app does not have anything to do with the Alexa skill or being able to control your TV by voice. The Sony Android app is for controlling your TV using the Sony app. As I described in the previous paragraph, once you give Alexa permission to link your Sony account, it gives Alexa the ability to control to your TV.
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