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Amazon Echo Discussion / Google vs Amazon war is over!
« Last post by jwlv on April 19, 2019, 01:34:25 am »
NEW YORK (AP) Amazon and Google are ending their nearly 2-year spat, agreeing to bring their video streaming apps to each others devices.

Back in 2017, Google pulled its popular YouTube video app from Amazon's Fire TV after the online shopping giant refused to sell some Google products. Amazon has since started to sell Google's gadgets on its site.

Amazon said Thursday that YouTube will appear on Amazon's Fire TV devices and smart TVs in the coming months, but did not give an exact date.

In addition, Amazon's Prime Video streaming app will be added to Google's streaming devices and TV's that use Google's operating system.

Other YouTube apps, such as YouTube Kids and YouTube TV, will be added to Fire TV devices later this year.
Hello. I have 5 Ring Floodlight Cam devices and will soon add 2 Ring Stick Up Cam Wired devices.

Currently, when activity is detected at one of the cameras, a notification will show on my smartphone. I then need to manually click on the notification on my phone in order to view the activity through the device's camera feed.

I would like to purchase a Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) primarily for use to monitor my Ring devices' camera feeds. When an activity is detected, I would like the Echo Show to automatically show the feed immediately, even without me saying anything or touching the Echo Show. Is this possible?

I am highly considering the $399.99 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet that will release soon, but if the Echo Show can do this, I'd rather save the $200 or so. The only things I will primarily do with the Echo Show or the tablet is to see Ring camera feeds and watch YouTube videos. Thank you.

I know its been 10 days but I just found this.  It would be best if you got the show.  though the tablet is going to be a good one when released next week, I don't think it can do what you want.   It will not have show abilities.   I have been considering that tablet too  :-)  especially since you get a free smartthing hub with it if you preorder from samsung.  It is always good to have a backup.

If you want cheap, you can try a firehd 10 tablet and a show mode stand.  That is what I do.  Got both on sale during last black friday.    If  not in any hurry, just keep watch on the shows prices, they seem to have it discounted every few weeks.    there are a few differences in the way firethd works vs the show.    Also levono has their own show version. 
Smart Devices and Gadgets / what a day
« Last post by renegade600 on April 18, 2019, 06:09:01 pm »
this forum has been slow lately...anyway, just want to tell about how my smarthome became so dumb today. 

Actually it started yesterday.  My Wink hub went out.  none of my bulbs was working - kept saying no internet access.  what a pain.  had to relearn how to use on/off switches.  Decided to wait until this morning in case there was a problem on the wink side. 

 Got up and still nothing.    Did a power cycle on the wink, router, and modem and still nothing.     then all my wemo switches quit working.   started freaking out...even wonder if my isp was disconnecting my smarthome devices since they only recently started their own smarthome features  - yea, sound crazy.   check the wemo app and found there was an update.  Why does wemo insist on disconnecting everything when there is an update!!!    anyway, that was an easy fix.   

Wink problem was still going strong.  still absolutely nothing.  Started looking up how to connect my bulbs to the hue hub.  found I could with the cree bulbs but ge problems could be a problem.  I really did not want to mess with that so started shopping for another hub just in case - until I started looking at prices and how long my smarthome would be dumb until the new hub was delivered next week.  so decided to do another search about the lack of internet connection on the wink.  did you know wink has a status update page?  I did not, but do now.  Found the problem was with wink, not me after all....within minutes of finding that out, the light on the wink turned blue which meant it was now good to go. 

back to being lazy again.   amazing how dependent I have gotten on alexa.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Privacy settings in app not available
« Last post by Laurel on April 14, 2019, 02:45:42 pm »
I have never used the app to do this, but I checked out my app on my Samsung Note 8 (which I recently updated to Android pie which I love).  My phone is showing the ability to delete the voice recordings.  Maybe turn off your phone and turn it back on and try again. Good luck.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Privacy settings in app not available
« Last post by Bert-Jan52 on April 14, 2019, 06:56:28 am »
I wanted to delete my voice recordings using the Alexa app on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. Went to 'Settings - Alexa Account - Alexa Privacy'. However, when I click 'Alexa Privacy' an error message pops up stating 'No network available. Please connect and try again. Connection timed out. Please try again'

- I do have (excellent) internet connection; Wifi and 4G. (Wifi - 120 Mbps up, 245 Mbps down)
- All other options work fine
- restarted phone; no effect
- removed - reinstalled app, no effect

I know I can log in to my account on the web and delete the recordings there. I did. But I would like to be able to use the function in the app. Am I overlooking something?

All help / advice appreciated.

Amazon Echo Discussion / Repeat the same song
« Last post by swanangel121 on April 14, 2019, 04:23:32 am »
Hello everyone, I am new to my echo dot, but have a playlist on there, when i put this onto shuffle it plays a few songs then will play the same song over and over it only stops when i say off it wont skip or play next song at all, any ideas ??
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Skills & Games freeze alexa app
« Last post by clloudermilk on April 13, 2019, 12:08:31 pm »
I'm on Android 6.0.1 and it does the same thing, Galaxy S5, half of storage used, app data has been cleared, uninstalled and re installed but still freezes on games and skills and then closes app
Thanks for the response.

I waited 24 hours.  I un-linked and re-linked (3 times).  I checked Office 365 Admin, Alexa has full permissions. 

The Echo also says no new email when there is email pending.

I am kind of disappointed.  I hate to have to send it back, but if it can't connect I don't want it.
Account linking, such as email and calendars, don't usually happen instantly. How long have you waited? Also, on your Office 365 account did you give Amazon/Alexa the necessary permissions?
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