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Thanks! care to share the ebay link? even in a pm if it's not allowed. I don't care what i need to buy...i need something so simple yet it's so complicated.
I have a ZigBee PIR motion sensor I purchased off eBay for under $20.  It uses 2 AA batteries and I connected it through my Echo Plus (built in ZigBee hub).  It shows under my devices as first motion sensor, second motion sensor, etc.  I use them in routines, for example: I havea long covered front entryway leading to my front door.  I mounted the motion sensor on the wall about 4' high at the entrance to this covered area.  I wrote a routine that when it senses motion, it turns on the 2 smart can lights in theis area, then makes the announcement on my main Echo that that the front door sensor was just triggered.  After a 5 minute wait, it turns off the porch lights.  This works great to light this area at night for visitors as well as giving me a prealert that someone is at the door.
well you did ask for tips and the link I gave have them and other uses for seniors.   If you have a show and she has a show, you can see each other by dropping in.   You cannot use the alexa app by itself.  You can do conference calls with alexa.  also you can do skype to alexa video calls.   Most of this is beyond what I know.  I just know you can do it.   too much has changed on alexa recently and I really have not been keeping up.   
Renegade600 - it sounds like you are very active and knowledgeable about this.  i followed the thread you sent but it wasn't helpful (i think i'm finding out that i'm almost as limited as my mother!).  do you have any answer to this question:  i just want to be able to drop in on my mom (i'm not even going to try to get her to say "Alexa" and call me") but i'm wondering if i can even do that and how it works.  i bought an Echo Show 5 and she has WIFI at her Assisted Living Facility.  if i set it up on her wifi network will i be able to see her from my Alexa app?  and, even more importantly, would she be able to see me when i drop in?  i have the Ring Camera (which i highly recommend in any sort of senior facility, btw) but it's very confusing to her when i speak to her through the device because she can't see me so it's like some strange, disembodied voice.  sorry i'm answering your question with a question but i would love any help.  thanks in advance!
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Echo Dots Hammering The Router
« Last post by AllenDB on August 05, 2020, 02:03:02 pm »
If you are asking about lights on the Dots there are no lights flashing on the Dots. The flashing lights I am talking about are on the router next to the 2.4 and 5 ghz markings.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Echo Dots Hammering The Router
« Last post by renegade600 on August 05, 2020, 01:51:11 pm »
what color was the light?
Amazon Echo Discussion / Echo Dots Hammering The Router
« Last post by AllenDB on August 05, 2020, 01:32:07 pm »
A few months ago I got the wife an Echo Dot to try and vocally interact with our DirecTV box. But she wasn't into it and only uses the Dot for spelling and off the wall stuff. Then a month ago I got an offer for a free Dot and I decided to get it and put it in my office. Got it set up and both work well. Except,,,,,,,,, in the evenings I stream video off the internet. Well I try. Now the video keeps freezing every 60 seconds or so. A few days ago I noticed the continuous flashing lights on the router. Nonstop. Yesterday I unplugged one of the Dots and the nonstop activity light went out. Plugged it back in and the hammering started right up. So before I went to watch video off the internet in the evening I unplugged one of the Dots. The video went back to non-stop streaming. Yayyyy!!!! Plug the Dot in in the morning and unplug it at night.

Is there anyway to stop this Dot activity??? By the way the router is getting hammered but not the adapter to the internet. Is not showing any unusual activity. I don't have a smart phone so no app this or that. I setup the Dots thru a laptop.
Thank you for your reply, so what is a sensor good for if i can't do anything with it? I can make a routine but nothing will work using that routine. god damnit.. what did a man ask.. all i want is alexa to announce that i have a gate open or a movement detected.. why does it have to be so complicated...
I have tried ifttt but i can't go past the "device/group" selection, I have nothing listed there :(
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: BuzzOff Introduction
« Last post by renegade600 on August 05, 2020, 12:57:55 pm »
why should we consider buying from someone who cannot follow simple forum rules?   there is a section for spammers where you should have posted this. 
door sensor is a motion sensor.  you should be able to use ifttt to do what you want.  I don't think a routine would work no matter what it is called. 
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