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how are you trying to set up the tvs if they are not working with alexa at all?  If only want to power on/off or change channels too?  There could be ways around the issues you are having.

for example, if just want to power on/off the tv, you must turn on the smart plug and the tv manually then turn it off by voice for it to start working.   You can get a logitech harmony hub for power and channel changer.

you can find battery operated blinds on amazon.  One brand is zebra
Just took a look at Kasa, unfortunately they only seem to do rectangular wall switches and only a single switch so not quite suitable. But thanks for the recomendation
Stay far away from wemo. They have horrible connection problems. For budget switches I like Meross (most known for their garage door switches). For a little more the Kasa/TP Link stuff is great with a few more features but they do not offer a 3 way dimmer yet. Most important thing is don't forget to include motion sensors. Those are really what makes a smart home smart.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Amazon Ring App
« Last post by jschlis on January 02, 2021, 04:29:42 pm »
I have three echo shows and have activated all to work with the Ring app. All three provide ring chimes when Ring is activated. When I ask Echo to show my "front camera" only one Echo activates the camera. The other two say "sorry I cannot find a device named front camera", but again they do notify use with chimes. I have tried unplugging thr=e two devices but still no camera. Appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks for the advice, I will take a look at those brands.

I was looking at a brand called SONOSS who have a range of switches that seem to suit the bill, but I must admit I have never heard of them.
Smart Devices and Gadgets / Re: Which Smart Light Switches to consider
« Last post by jwlv on January 02, 2021, 01:53:01 pm »
My suggestion is to stay away from the cheaper, no-name (or unknown name) products. Go with well-known national brands, such as Belkin (Wemo), Feit, TP-Link (Kasa), Lutron (Caseta), Philips (Hue) and several others.

The reason why I suggest big name brands is for two reasons.
1. Support. All of these smart devices may need firmware updates, whether it's for security reasons, or to fix a bug. No-name brands are less likely to update their devices.
2. Longevity. All of these smart devices are connected to the internet and need to connect to their home server that is operated by the company that made the devices. Personally I had a couple of smart switches made by a lesser known company who shut off their servers a few years ago. So these switches are inoperable now. You want a company that will be around for a while so all of your smart devices remain working.
I am trying to make a home for a disabled friend as voice controlled as possible.

I have the ikettle that works a treat (set max temp to 97 or 98 or it boils too much), samsung TVs that are a nightmare (can't get them to work with Alexa at all)

But now I am looking for a good quality, reliable, easy to set up with an echo : Light Switches, one for the living room needs 2 switches, one for each half of the room (the current switch plate has 2 switches) and a matching one for the bedroom with only one switch.

They need to be able to be operated manually and I am lucky in that as it is a new build apartment there is a neutral available in each location.

Also, does any have recommendations for roller blind closing mechanisms, but I have no local power supply so will need to be battery operated or recharge via solar cells.

Could someone advise what I should consider.

I prefer quality to cost - although value for money comes into the equation somewhere.

Many thanks

Amazon Echo Discussion / No success with Aqara sensor and Echo Plus
« Last post by Charleysnowy on January 02, 2021, 10:09:04 am »
Hi, I'm a newbie so please go easy on me! ;D

I can't get my Aqara vibration sensor to pair with Echo Plus. If I'm correct in assuming the Echo Plus has a built in Zigbee hub so I thought this would pair directly.

I've tried the following:
1. Long press on sensor pair switch until led flashes, only flashes twice no matter what I do.
2. Long press on sensor switch and continual pressing on switch while trying to pair.

Echo Technical Support / Re: Echo Dot won't adjust it's volume only Echo Flex?
« Last post by RedPenguin on January 01, 2021, 09:10:48 pm »
Oh well....

I guess the only reason that it was "fixed" was because changing the WiFi just took it out of the Group.

Once the Dot added itself back, problem happened again.
Echo Technical Support / Re: Echo Dot won't adjust it's volume only Echo Flex?
« Last post by RedPenguin on January 01, 2021, 07:32:17 pm »
Sorry I forgot to mention that they were in the same group the whole time.

Amazon Chat noticed the Dot needed a "Volume Software" Update and it was stuck at pending.

They had me unplug for 1hr and retry but no luck.

Then they said try unplugging again but right before that my Dot got stuck when my one Access Point rebooted itself.

I noticed it was on a different AP than the one my Smart Stuff is on, so I moved the Dot to the AP my Flex, Plug, and Bulbs are on.

Instantly the issue was fixed and Chat said the update is no longer pending. :)
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