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Echo Technical Support / Re: Echo Auto
« Last post by jwlv on February 16, 2020, 02:17:13 am »
Just read the directions that come with the Echo Auto. It's all done via Bluetooth.

Setting up Echo Auto is not the same as with other Echo devices. It's completely different. Read the directions.
Not talking about using bluetooth. I am talking about using the Alexa app on my phone.

you still need to make sure you are disconnected from bluetooth if you want to play on your phone. 
is this a new (first time) setup?    did you check with amazon to see if it works with your car?   did  you try the auxiliary cable?

see the following for some troubleshooting steps.
Need assistance in Connecting iPhone6plus  and Alexa Auto!
Echo Technical Support / Echo Auto
« Last post by reneace on February 16, 2020, 12:41:12 am »
How doesAlexa Auto connect to a 6plus iPhone? Gets cannot connect error! io is updated and  Upgrade not available
Just FYI: I am able to do this with my individual plugs that use Tuya Smartlife app.  A little tricky to set up because the instructions are a bit lacking.
Thanks everyone. I get it now. All is good! ;D
Alexa Across the Pond (Europe) / Re: Echo and YouTube
« Last post by Shanghaichica on February 15, 2020, 09:15:08 am »
If you donít need to see the video and only want the audio you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the echo and listen to your YouTube playlists that way.
Thanks for the responses. I've tried those other commands along with a dozen network names.

It's like when your browser doesn't understand a URL because of a DNS problem. A URL with numbers only will work, so long as it's a valid address. But without the mapping from name to number, it cannot work.

It's also unusual that no one else seems to have this problem (based on Google searches)
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa asked me a question without being prompted
« Last post by dahur1 on February 13, 2020, 04:23:00 pm »
Alexa can learn your behavior. From what you described, it has learned that you usually lock the door at night.

This feature is called Alexa Hunches. You can turn it on or off in the Alexa app.

Read more about it here:

I can certainly see that's what happened. However, I didn't say "good night", "set alarm", or anything else. It must have been a glitch.
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