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Smart Devices and Gadgets / Re: Activate Routine Using Phone Alarm Clock
« Last post by David N on January 16, 2021, 06:37:06 pm »
You stated that you were willing to purchase an echo so just use the echo for alarms. Turning off echo alarms can trigger routines.
Smart Devices and Gadgets / Re: Activate Routine Using Phone Alarm Clock
« Last post by renegade600 on January 16, 2021, 05:56:10 pm »
alarm clocks cannot trigger google home nor alexa.  There must be a wake word for it to pay attention.  maybe if you create an alarm ring tone using the wake word.  Don't know if it would work but it is something to try.   

You can get smart plugs and set a schedule to match the alarm settings.  You should be able to use ifttt for the motion sensor to trigger the other features you want.   The only thing is, it will turn trigger every time someone walks by. 

 I use a routine called morning to turn on the tv and give the weather when I first get up.  Maybe that would work better than what you are wanting.  But I use alexa, not sure what google offers in routines.
Smart Devices and Gadgets / Activate Routine Using Phone Alarm Clock
« Last post by Cassera on January 16, 2021, 12:21:02 am »
My wife has an iPhone and I have a Galaxy. I was wondering if I would be able to natively start a routine when either of our phone alarm clocks go off, using either an Echo or a Google Nest.

If I can make it simpler and just connect it with my wife’s IPhone Alarm Clock, that could be just fine too.

What I would like is when her alarm goes off on her phone, either Alexa or Google sends a signal to my Harmony hub to activate “Watch Cable” which turns the t.v. and cable box on and turns on Hue lights to a dim setting.
And when she walks by the motion sensor in the hallway, have SmartThings trigger Google or Alexa give her a weather and traffic report.
I have a google home, but can purchase an Echo dot if it makes it easier to integrate with her Apple phone. I would be willing to use ifttt to make this happen, but not willing to do any advanced coding and creating applets.

I'm working with a SmartThings Hub, Google Home and Harmony Hub. I can also pick up another hub or an Echo if needed.

So is there a way to do this and tie in an alarm clock on preferably both of our phones, but mainly her Iphone?

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In my personal experience, whenever streaming audio stops after a while, it's always caused by poor WiFi signal or a brief temporary loss of internet service (DSL, Cable, etc.)

When using a mesh WiFi network, many devices will not automatically connect to the strongest or closest access point.

Imagine this: Power goes out at your home and then comes back on. Everything turns on and all of your WiFi devices are scanning the air for your network. The base router (main access point) will come up first since it's connected to your modem. All of your devices will see it and connect to it. Then one by one, your other mesh access points come online. All this happens in just a fraction of a second.

Even if one of these other access points has a stronger signal or if it's just a few feet away, your WiFi devices has already connected to the base router and will not switch to any other access point. Some newer devices have the ability to see a better connection is available and connect to it. So far, the only devices that I know of that are smart enough to do this are current model Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

How did I find this out? I use the Google WiFi mesh system and via the app I can see which device connects to which access point. A few months ago I noticed that just about everything was connecting to the main base unit even though I have several other access points scattered throughout the house.
do you have any other electronic devices around the dot?  or the access point. 
Thanks.  The access point in the computer room / office is an older Unifi UAP-LR.  Just does 2.4GHz.

It's about 3' from the dot.

As much as I would think that if it's a wifi issue, then other stations wouldn't be available, alexa wouldn't work, etc....  I'm here looking to experts for help.  So I'll gladly defer to you : )   and yeah, if the dot that was working, now has the problem up in this room, it's gotta be something other than the dot itself.

And being unifi wireless, there's a control panel to see things about the access points, devices connecting to them, signal quality, etc.  I'll check that when / if problem happens again.  And I'll learn about unifi, something I'm weak with too.

take care!
Amazon Echo Discussion / Shopping list items different counts
« Last post by gliebisch on January 14, 2021, 09:08:26 am »
My Shopping tab on the iPhone app says I have 23 items.  If I open the tab and count the items I have 38 items. If I ask Alexa how many items I have on the list it also says I have 38.  I have determined that the 23 items are those that were added verbally, and the other 15 are items that I added within the app.   I could ignore the summary number (23) as incorrect, but if I ask Alexa to print my shopping list, it only prints the 23 that I added verbally and not the items I added from within the app. Customer Service no help.  Power cycled everything multiple times. Any ideas?
it sounds like a wifi issue since the problem is sill in the same room but different dots.   where is the access point located?  In the same room or outside?   If outside, try moving the dot to in front of the door - if it is not. 
Thanks for the reply!  Yeah, this is a pretty regular issue now (1 - 2 times every other or so day).  Not a big deal, more a nuisance.

After sending this, I had the problem again. I swapped the dots.  The office dot was the one with the problem.  Brought the kitchen one upstairs, powered it on (and changed their names in the alexa IOS app).  Soon after, the previously kitchen dot now in my office had the issue (audio stops, and alexa says bloomberg radio isn't available!  While the office one moved down to kitchen is still streaming bloomberg radio hours later.

So power supply issue (didn't swap them), wifi connection!? (there's access points near each one, so they have a (too strong?) signal and are connecting to different model access points)

Or 'computer room' name for a dot is an easter egg for amazon to give the person a hard time : ) ???

gotta see if the problem stays up here or moves to the kitchen.

Both are on a countertop, not covered with papers / no airflow issues (so not overheating issues).  and weird that it's just bloomberg radio. I can ask for other tune in stations.  AND bloomberg is working in the kitchen, so it's not like bloomberg isn't sending the stream to tune in...
sometimes it just takes a reboot.  if it is working now, then I would not worry about it unless it happens again.   usually when a station don't play on one device, it is beyond the users ability to fix other than reboot the echo device, reboot the router or move the device.
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