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Alexa - Harmony Integration - Long Lag

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Alexa - Harmony Integration - Long Lag
« on: October 31, 2016, 03:53:12 am »

I am experiencing a very long delay in the integration between Harmony and Echo. Everything is setup correctly, Ive added the friendly names and they get discovered by Echo in device discovery.

If I run any one of the commands, the blue ring spins for a bit and Alexa says "Sorry, the device xyz is not responding at the moment" or "Sorry, I cant seem to reach the device xyz". If I don't do anything, the relevant activity usually does turn on, but from anywhere between 15-45 seconds later. This is happening consistently.

I have tried unlinking and re-linking the harmony device. If I try to use the iPad Harmony app or the remote, all is instant. Alexa controls my Hue Bridge and my other hubs just fine and instantly.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.