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Priority for Groups/Devices

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Priority for Groups/Devices
« on: October 26, 2016, 09:47:23 am »
Have people noticed that even when the voice to text works correctly (as viewed in history), the echo will take priority for some other default action rather than a user defined group/device.
e.g. define a device/group 'Sky Comedy' (or anything with comedy) in and say 'turn on Sky Comedy'  - in the UK this will result in echo asking you to play something from TunedIn comedy channel (an inbuilt media service)
Try just 'turn on Sky' and echo will respond with 'I have multiple devices', and prompt you for which 'Sky' and you can respond with Comedy and it works correctly then.

This suggests there are a lot of phrases that Echo is prioritising with inbult services even when we define our own.
I have found using 'turn on' for devices or groups say TV Guide, Sky Planner, Sky one all work correctly,
but 'turn on' Sky Guide, Sky Fox Fox/Fox HD/Watch fox won't.

I can create a group 'anything' and say 'turn on anything' and echo responds with cannot find device called anything, this is the correct behaviour
But create a group called fox and it will not respond the same
This means the issue is related to echo firmware not any other software

This is probably so you can say turn on/play for say 'music', but shouldn't this be a option for the user.
I am sure there are other examples.

It is frustrating since the voice to text has worked correctly, the group/device is correct, but echo is overiding what you want, at this point for devices/groups it should be a simple mapping

Almost all of my failures are to do with this issue, the regular man on the street will not be looking into the history and will just think the echo is not smart enough to understand the voice, note something like 'turn on lights' for group/device lights works pretty much 100%

I can get 'turn on sky one' working fine but for fox/comedy (and others) it seems impossible since the use of both these words in any way triggers a priority override to inbuilt services
I think once the voice recognition and mapping to a group/device is successful the echo should prioritise the user definition, this would provide a much better succes rate for our own home control.

What is the experience of other in the US as well as the UK, the inbuilt services/skills will be different but I would expect the overall effect to be the same for certain naming/phrases.
These are not the trigger phrases, I have used 'turn on' so shouldn't it look for a group/device first not an inbuilt service ?
Should we be allowed to change this priority if we feel necessary ?

what do you think ?