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Raspberry pi p3 maintain Bluetooth connection to echo.

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Raspberry pi p3 maintain Bluetooth connection to echo.
« on: September 07, 2016, 10:48:08 pm »
I wrote myself and event reminder app running on a lamp p3.

I have a bunch of wave files, Monday to Friday, 1st to 31st etc.

Aplay allows you to string these together
aplay car service.wav Monday.wav January.wav 2nd.wav 2hour.wav 15minutes.wav pm.wav

Which speaks "you have a car service appointment Monday January 2nd 2 15 pm.

This all gets assembled from database entry input by Alexa skill.

It can remind me I have conference call in 15 minutes.

All works great except the p3 does not maintain the Bluetooth connection with the echo.

Anyway of making this connection robust.