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Echo Auto, Alexa and Google Maps - loads Google maps, doesn't execute directions

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I just brought a 2nd Gen Echo Auto. I set it up and works fine till I try and use navigation. My default navigation program with Alexa is Google Maps. I have set up home and work addresses. When I tell Alexa to 'navigate to home' it responds by saying 'getting directions' (forget its exact words) and than it does nothing.

When I look at my android phone it has loaded up Google Maps, but it has not executed directions to home address. If I type the home address into Google Maps on my own it will play the directions through the car speakers fine.

Settings info:

My Google Assist settings are driving mode = on, allow incoming calls while driving = on.

Under Google Maps I went ---> click on profile ---> Settings ---> Navigation Settings (all options are turned on - Mute state = unmuted, Guidance volume = normal, play voice over bluetooth = on, play voice during phone calls = on, play audio cues = on

Under the Alexa app --> Settings ---> Traffic the default app is Maps. My Google Maps app is called 'maps'. It even loads up Google Maps but does not execute directions.

My android phone is using android version 10.

My car supports Android Auto and it is turned on.