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Lucyd frames vs Echo frames

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Lucyd frames vs Echo frames
« on: February 05, 2024, 10:41:02 pm »
I purchased a pair of Lucyd Fusion frames and compared them to the Echo Frames.    It would be the ideal frames if only alexa was always listening.   I really like them, just a pain to use with alexa.    I can wear them for 8 hours listening to audiobooks at work and power is only down around 50 percent at the end of the shift.    There is a battery in both arms with their own charging ports.   In addition, you can turn off one arm so the charge will last even longer.   

Alexa has to be default on the phone and it needs to be unlocked in order to use.   Since it is only a bluetooth connection,  a button must be pushed to connect for every command.   

If only Alexa was always listening.   I hope amazon will add the additional features to their frames.   I am sticking with the echo frames, except when at work.