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Remote usage to aid elderly relative

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Remote usage to aid elderly relative
« on: January 21, 2024, 04:58:04 pm »
Sort of an elder care tech support question.

Caring for an elderly family member who currently is in assisted living.  She is sight impaired.  We have her connected to Amazon Echo Dot which she can use easily for simple tasks.  She has an Echo Show, but limited ability to manipulate it.

Wondering if anyone knows of a way that family members could manipulate remotely, and direct to play on a device in her living quarters?  Ie, a Dot/Show type of product that we could use remotely to find her church service for her which airs live on Youtube, but then have it play on her device?

We currently use Echo plugs to help her turn on/off devices. She uses the Dot to make hands free calls to use and to ask Alexa for simple information (news, time, date etc). 

A big improvement would be if we could remotely find online content (her church service transmits on Youtube) that using her account on line we could pull up but have it play on her device in her room?

A final question for any Echo mega users.  If WE had the SHOW in one of our residences.  Could we pull the church service up on the show and direct it (through the Alexa app) to play the audio on her Dot in her room??

Thanks for reading this and for any suggestions.

Re: Remote usage to aid elderly relative
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2024, 06:54:15 am »
first of all, is she using her own account or sharing yours?    Hopefully it is her own account.   If yours, you really do not want others to access your info.   Never know if a visitor, whether caregiver or friend may try to abuse it.     

Youtube has always been flaky when it comes to echo devices.   Maybe download the church service then upload it elsewhere, check out ibroadcast.    It is a free cloud service for media content and it works with alexa.   

For other family members, as long as they log into her alexa account, they can specify which device to to play stuff on.    For example, you can command alexa on your phone to play church service on her show.   just use the name of the dot as part of the command.

Need clarification, are you wanting the show to play the church service video but the sound on the dot?    If so, it cannot be done but you can group the two together and it will play on both.