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Echo 8 can't get Wyze doorbell motion alerts - does get doorbell ring alerts

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I have an Echo 8 and a Wyze Video Doorbell V2 - both at current firmware levels. My iPhone and Echo both react to doorbell rings and get notifications. However, while the iPhone gets motion alerts, the Echo does not show any motion notifications. Why not? Is there some special action that I need to do to link the Wyze motion alerts to my Amazon/Echo account? I can't imagine any technical/programming reason that any notification that the iPhone Wyze app gets can't be passed on to the Echo - either directly or indirectly. I do no want to use a facility such as IFTTT.

do you have wyze notifications turned in the phone settings?  also, I am not that familiar with the wyze app but check their app and see if you have notifications enable for it.

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Amazon owns Echo/Alexa. Amazon owns Ring. So Ring doorbells work with Echo Show.
Wyze owns Wyze Doorbell. Google owns Nest Doorbell. Neither work with Echo Show. Any guesses why?

To the two previous replies, thanks for thinking about this. However, a doorbell event goes to the iPhone AND the Echo; a motion event goes to the iPhone and does NOT go to the Echo.  Wyze gets 3 out of 4 correct. They're only missing the motion event notification to the Echo. (And, yes, I have every event/notification box checked.) The communication paths are obviously there. So, is the problem on the Alexa Wyze skill or does the problem originate on the Wyze doorbell app? 

PROBLEM SOLVED: I've always been working from the Wyze app point of view on the iPhone. However, the problem was a setting in the Alexa app on the iPhone. At the home screen of the Alexa app on the iPhone, there is a device entry for the "Front Doorbell." If you select that device, a Live View of the Wyze Video Doorbell comes up. In the upper right corner select the "gear icon." This will bring up a display for the device and ... The Notification Settings! The "Doorbell Press Notification" was already set to ON, but the "Person Detection Notifications" was set to OFF! Wow. How simple. Why didn't anyone including the Wyze support bot mention that! So, problem solved. The iPhone and Echo now announce doorbell presses and person motion detection. Close this problem out, please.