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sometimes can be so stupid about something so simple

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sometimes can be so stupid about something so simple
« on: October 02, 2022, 03:26:01 pm »
I purchased ring security over a year ago. I was unable to use it because of the siren and had to turn on the cameras separately. I live in a duplex and the landlord will not fix a door that keeps flying open during high winds. It only happens a couple times a year and usually when at work. I work nights. I did not want to disturb my neighbor on the other side of the wall from the base.

Finally figured out how to stop the siren. All I had to do was to open the base station and unplug the speaker. There still is the alarm in the keypad but it is low enough not to bother the neighbors since it is two walls away from them. I have been just 6 screws away for over a year ... Oh well. At least now I can use alexa to arm/disarm now.

I just wish ring gave the ability to turn off the siren without going into the base and voiding any warranty available.