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Guard disarm without human intervention?

Would you like to be able to disarm Guard programmatically?
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Would you like to have an option for "siren" capability?
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Finish with Guard automation

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Finish with Guard automation
« on: September 21, 2022, 10:19:34 am »
I love that Guard can be activated programmatically now.
But I sure would like to be able to disarm it the same way.
If Amazon is worried about some liability, they can put a liability waiver and warnings to protect themselves.
At this time, when I come home, my Hubitat hub disarms my security system automagically, but I have to sit in the driveway and fumble deeply through the Alexa app to turn off Guard.
The weak "siren" effect that comes from the echo speakers is no deterrent to a thief and is just an annoyance to talk over to say "Alexa, I am home" plus your code.   An option should be created to forego the siren and just warn via text or push.