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Alexa and Samsung Series 8 TV - HELP!

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Alexa and Samsung Series 8 TV - HELP!
« on: May 06, 2022, 09:52:18 am »

I am new to the forum and new to Alexa. I just purchased two echo dots mostly for the purpose of controlling my tvís. I own a Samsung Series 7 65 inch (2019), and a Samsung Series 8 50 inch (2020). The series 8 has Alexa built in, the series 7 does not.

By registering the series 7 TV on the Samsung Smart Things app, and linking Smart Things to the Alexa app I was able to easily set up complete voice control of the series 7 from echo dot 1. No issues.

The problem: I attempted to set up the series 8 via the built in Alexa voice assistant, but the only voice command that seems to work is turn off tv. It wonít turn on the tv, or change channels despite the fact the voice assistant responds saying it is tuning to the requested channel. It doesnít.

I then tried to connect the series 8 TV to the second echo dot via the Smart Things app in the same way I successfully connected the series 7 TV. No dice. Again the only command the echo dot will perform is turn off TV.

This is very frustrating since the older TV is working with Alexa flawlessly butn the newer TV is not. I have read on the Samsung forum that several people have run into issues with the Samsung series 8 and Alexa. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!