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Suggestions and improvements for echo show

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Suggestions and improvements for echo show
« on: April 24, 2022, 02:05:32 pm »

Hello i have some strange bug in the interface of echo show 5:

if i set the night mode, the weather icon remain white for many minutes before became yellow (i have the south west theme that make all the informations and clock in yellow), is this normal? is possible to fix?

another problem is that when i call alexa, the night theme disappear and return the normal theme for some minutes..

the third problem is that the clock in the main windows make 3-4 times randomly a dissolvence and reappear quickly,after this it stay normal.. is this normal?

and a suggestion: the show has so few personalizations.. for example if i set my personal photos, the night mode is only in red (that i don't like).. if i want the night mode in another color (for example yellow or orange) i must set the default photos/other why don't add more personalization for colors?