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New Deviced added to Echo and made a group but other alexa does not perform

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Im really new to all this and learning and lurking in here....did not see too much on this but my 1st Issue.  I have amazon Alexa 2nd Gen I belive downstairs ...had it a while..added a echo dot in bedroom this xmas for white and go some smart devices..bulbs at this point.  added them..linked to a room or location.  I for instance have 3 bulbs in a group for bedroom and when I tell echo to turn off bedroom lights all work fine...but do I have to do something to get all alexa devicese to recognize my new stuff....for instance..when I tell downstairs alexa to turn on bedroom lights...its say does not recogzine routine and recites my directv serial number or something.  Since I made it a group and all that one the one device (Echo) i though all the alexas on the same network would recognize my "commands"

but only upstairs recognizes my groups and commands..downstairs does not..did so hall lights too and same deal.  How to I get a group or command to be recognized and performed across all my devices???????????
Looking in the alexa app nothing seems apparant.......