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Request for participants for ~30 minute interview on Alexa customisations

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Dear EchoTalk forum members,

Apologies for jumping on here with another participation request. For what it's worth, I have read the "Official notice for surveys and market research" pinned thread and have endeavoured to provide sufficient information by attaching an approved participant information sheet.

My name is Daniel, and I am a researcher at the University of Dundee, seeking participants for a study involving ‘power users’ of voice-based assistants, particularly Amazon Alexa.

If you either develop skills for Alexa, customise Alexa with routines and/or blueprints, or integrate it with external services like IFTTT, then I would really appreciate your help!

I’m looking for anyone willing to take part in a ~30 minute Zoom interview on their Alexa customisations/extensions, at a date/time that suits them. You would be compensated with a £10 GBP/$15 USD Amazon gift card for your time.

If you would be willing to participate, please contact me at

I have also attached a participant information sheet in .txt format that details what would be involved. A PDF or Word Document version would also be provided to you, along with an informed consent form, should you be interested in participation.
The study has undergone ethical approval through the School of Science and Engineering ethics committee - approval number UOD-SSEREC-DoC-Staff-2020-007.
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