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All devices, groups, echos, and lists disappeared from app but respond to voice

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I own at least 5 dots, 50+ devices (including smart bulbs), have groups, routines, lists,etc. I have had all of this for over three years and have never had any issues.  I tend to be technically proficient and own an IT consulting business.  So, I am baffled by this.  About a week ago, my iPhone ap was unresponsive and a few lights had become uncoupled, so I deleted the ap and reloaded it. I logged in and everything is gone. I logged in and out several times and the same thing.  I logged into and had the same problem… nothing shows up at all.  Logged in and out multiple times.  I am single and only have one master Amazon account/email address… I thought of that too…like, could this all be linked to another account? No.

The real enigma is that despite the Ap looking like blank pages, EVERYTHING still works via voice commands to echos that the ap no longer sees.  I can add to my grocery list, start my “goodnight” routine, turn on lights by Group name.

 I am at my wits end trying to fix so any advice is appreciated.  I wonder if this is related to the Apple software. Ugh. I guess at least everything still works.  Thanks in advance for any help! 🙏 😊

did you do a discover?   otherwise, you need to contact amazon on this one.


Yeah, I tried discover and that did not work.   I agree with you…I think this one is going to take a call to Amazon.