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Ask Alexa to connect and disconnect an IFTTT applet

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Ask Alexa to connect and disconnect an IFTTT applet
« on: February 19, 2021, 06:47:17 am »
Hello everyone,
Any tip from anyone who faced a similar case would be appreciated.

I have two IFTTT applets:
  • one that turns on a sonoff switch (heater) if temperature drops below X
  • another one that turns off the same sonoff switch if temperature rises above Y
* Technically, both IF and THEN refer to sonoff. There is no Alexa word in the above.

 These two applets work one after the other endlessly, because temperature always tends to fall below X, in which case sonoff switches the heater on until temperature reaches Y, so on so forth.

I do not want this to run endlessly, but only when i say so. This is because the room that is heated is a room that i only visit occasionally. I could of course open the IFTTT app, connect and disconnect the applets manually every time i want them to be active or not active .

I am wondering if i could ask Alexa to activate or deactivate the above two applets. When i tried to "Add Routine", in the "Add action" step I could only find IFTTT applets that are triggered with an Alexa word.

Many thanks to all,