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Getting Alexa to respond on a sleeping Samsung S8

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Getting Alexa to respond on a sleeping Samsung S8
« on: December 05, 2020, 03:07:27 pm »
I have read where this is not possible but I think it should be easy enough to accomplish. What I've seen so far is: while in my car, backing out of my garage, I say to my sleeping phone "Hey Google, tell Alexa to close the garage door.". That wakes up the phone and puts me in the Amazon app. Then I say, "Alexa, close garage door". That works if I talk loud enough (shout). Is there a way I can bypass Google? I could do it directly from Google, but last time I tried it, my garage door just about wrecked after getting stuck in a open/close/open/close loop. (Google treats the door opener as a switch and since the switch is momentary contact and since it's Google, I have to say, "Hey, Google, turn on the garage". So whether I'm opening or closing the garage door I have to say it that way. (So I don't)