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Amazon PrimeNow
« on: November 07, 2020, 09:24:37 am »
Has anyone noticed that Amazon's PrimeNow is more Whole Foods than Amazon? And Amazon isn't even really promoting it any more. In case you did not already know, PrimeNow is the local Amazon that promises 1 or 2-hour delivery. They are delivered by Amazon Flex drivers (kinda like Uber or DoorDash, but for Amazon).

In the past, I've purchased things like laptop memory, ethernet hub, Amazon Echo, Fire tablet, as well as Coca-Cola, sriracha sauce, bottled water, and many other things. But as of late, most of the things on PrimeNow are just supermarket items; Groceries, cleaning products, kitchen items, etc. Gone are the electronics, computer items, and just about everything that you wouldn't normally find in a supermarket.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing the same thing? It's really too bad if that's the direction they're going. I say this because about two years ago I had an Ethernet switch go bad for no apparent reason. I needed to get my house back online quickly. Amazon PrimeNow had a NetGear 5-port Ethernet switch for about $30. I got it delivered in 2 hours. Now if I search for Netgear I get some cheddar bars and an antifungal spray. ???

Re: Amazon PrimeNow
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2020, 03:47:48 pm »
I guess whole foods aint doing so well online.

amazon has been making a lot of changes - especially with alexa.  It is difficult to keep track unless it is something you use all the time.   Some of the changes is with selling using btw on alexa.  guess they figure at this point, users already built their smart homes around alexa and won't change.    another change I noticed is I used to ask alexa to read the news and it would read the flash briefing.   Now when I ask for the news, it gives abc news only