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My 2nd Echo Dot won't connect the same network all my other devices are on.

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I have 1 Echo, 1 Echo Dot, and 2 Firesticks all on the same network and working fine. I recently got a 2nd Echo Dot (3rd Generation, ECHO DOT RXU) but it will not connect to my WiFi network. I have turned OFF Wifi Assist on my phone. I have deleted Stored Passwords on Amazon. I have tried multiple hard resets of the Dot (25 second holds on the Action button).

What is peculiar is that it appears to be the network that is preventing the connection. To rule out the Dot itself as the problem I turned my iPad into a hotspot, connected to my phone to that hotspot and then was able to connect my new Dot to my iPad's hotspot successfully thought the Alexa App.

My home's network uses a TP-Link OnHub AC1900 with Google WiFi (no additional mesh/extender points). To my knowledge I have made no port changes, blocked any devices, or made any advanced networking modifications.

Anyone have a similar experience or fixed this issue yet? I tried searching for similar topics but didn't find any. If I missed one then please point me in that direction.
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