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Calendar responding with hours until event happens for Alzheimer's patient

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I am trying to set up events in the Calendar. I am also open to doing this in other formats as long as the result is similar.

My dad has Alzheimer's and to help my mother out, I take him for 2 hours a day and we go do something fun.
The issue is he drives my mother bonkers asking when I will be there over and over again because he doesn't want to be late.

My dad doesn't know what day or time it is anymore. So when the Calendar responds "Janni will be here at 2:45" That means nothing to him he can't make the correlation from the current time to 2:45pm.

What I would like to happen is this.
If I have it on the Calendar I will pick him up at 2:45
I want Alexa to say "Janni will be here in x hours" - This being X hours from the time I am to pick him up.

increments of time like hours and minutes are easy for him to understand and are reassuring that it will be happening today.

I have the blue print for days until the event but is there anything that says hours.
Can someone help me build one that has it in hours.

Also can I set up reminder in hours?
"In one hour Janni will be here?