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Echo 3 - non-"local" skills unsupported outside of official Alexa countries

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Offline mlk

I am currently resident in Bulgaria where there is no amazon.

I find absurb I can't use many trivia skills in spite my currently set country (on alexa website) is US. I get errors such as:
- Sorry I can't help with that / The skills is not supported in your region (happens with 70% of the "things to try" in "what's new on alexa" newsletter, even skills which would work perfectly fine with audio only)
- I can't find any enabled video skills (for example: "play/open who wants to be a millionarie")
- /just nothing/: it listens, does nothing (for example: "Alexa, let's chat")

I think my original alexa account was linked to Amazon Italy where I was when I bought the device.  I could use most of skills . Then I changed my alexa country to UK and most skills sopped working. . Then I changed it back to US, no improvement.

Perhaps am I am not setting the right country or Alexa is checking where I really live?
I don't care about weather and other limited local information if I have to renounce to everything else :)