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Looking for someone to help build in depth World of warcraft item search skill

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Looking for a skill builder to build in depth skill for searching Wowhead for Wow items and such...

For use on Echo Show 8 and if can other devices from Amazon Alexa, but I need it for my Echo Show 8 and would love to have but do not necessarilyneed pics that are linked to the items (pets, armor, weapons, illusion glows etc..)I have a bit of tech knowledge and am learning but am no where near close to ready to build the skill I need built, so I am looking for4 someone who I can trade building hardware or pay to build me a search app that searches the WOWHEAD archives for Item, mount, pet etc details and I know the Api's and Widgets and stuff needed are already in the app files but from there I have no idea how to commence  and where as I can read and implement an Arduino Sketch great I am lost when it comes to ANYTHING coding. I am very open minded , not picky and need something that functions on the most basic level and I am open to finding a way to repay someone for building the skill (nothing too out there or obviously no vulgar forms of payment) Money, trade of services, remote work for you from home, etc...