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Echo Flex not connecting to wifi

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Echo Flex not connecting to wifi
« on: November 20, 2019, 01:13:01 am »
I am having a dreadful time trying to connect my new Echo Flex devices to wifi.  First time I've ever had trouble setting a device up and we have a whole slew of Alexa devices.  Anyone with any tips? I gave up for the night after trying repeatedly. I am thinking a factory reset perhaps.

I have tried moderator's tips and turned off the smart switch. No luck still.

Update: I bought two Echo Flexes. One is set up and working fine. Don't know why it suddenly connected, but so far no luck with setting up the second one. I will try the other set up tomorrow as I am ready to pitch it out the window about now. The one that is working is a very cool concept. I have the night light attached.
Update 2:  I got the second Echo Flex to connect to wifi finally. I tried repeatedly with the computer and with the phone app. I am not sure what was the secret as it failed repeatedly to connect no matter what I did.  I got the second one connected a few minutes ago and my strategy was to use the computer instead of the app and to click the commands as fast as I could and go to the next command. Where the Flex had issues always was after it was recognized on Bluetooth and then my wifi would not connect. Sound is very thin and tin like. It will be great for controlling devices, night light, and maybe for a radio in my bathroom. Not sure if it is a needed device yet.
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