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Multiple echos and multiple users

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Multiple echos and multiple users
« on: November 05, 2019, 07:33:52 pm »
OK,  this is driving me a little crazy.   I have 3 new Echo Spots.    I would like to have 1 in my living room, 1 in my basement and 1 in my teen daughters room.   I setup the one in the basement and the one in the living room with My Amazon ID.   They work fine.   (I have issues... but that's another thing all together)


I setup the one in my daughters room on her phone and with her Amazon account and she can see her echo and her alexa on her phone... but none of the other devices.   And I can't see hers!   I wan't to be able to dropin on her if I'm out of town.   


I don't want EVERYTHING to use my ID and password... because I don't want everyone to be able to see what is about to be delivered or what I'm ordering or anything....  What the heck am I doing wrong.   I've "chatted" with one tech person with Amazon and was less than impressed with her knowledge.   The only answer I got was "No, I don't think we can do that but I will give your feedback to the proper people"   grrrr..    The user ID my daughter is currently using is not on my "Amazon Household" because you can't setup an Echo with a Teen Account. 


How can I see ALL of my devices but not give EVERYONE access to my credit card and orders?   I considered creating a DUMMY account to just use for these Echos but I won't be able to access Prime Music and it defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.