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Echo Dot to Bluetooth Speaker - New Volume Problem

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Echo Dot to Bluetooth Speaker - New Volume Problem
« on: September 21, 2019, 03:56:27 pm »
Hi all, I've got an Echo Dot (2nd Gen) that I connect via bluetooth to a Vizio soundbar (SB3821).  I've had this setup for a couple years and so far it's worked really well.

Typically, I use the Dot at volume 4-7 and keep my soundbar around volume 30%.  They were independently controllable.
 However, there must have been an update to the Dot firmware within the last few days, because things suddenly got uncomfortably loud.

It appears as if changing the Dot volume now directly changes that volume level on the soundbar.  E.g., when I say "Alexa Volume 1" the lights on the soundbar change to reflect a 10% volume level.  That's a cool feature, I guess, but it's too damn loud.  1 is the only acceptable volume level.  2 might be good for a noisy party, and .1-.9 are really hard to dial in (can do it via the app, but not possible via voice command).

So besides contacting amazon to get them to put in a toggle or something on this feature, what can I do?  Can I revert my firmware?  I'm planning to update the Vizio firmware but I don't have high hopes that will change anything.  Just trying to brainstorm here because it's frustrating that Amazon has broken a setup that works for years. 

One option is probably to use line-in, but right now the Dot and soundbar are nowhere near each other.

Any advice appreciated