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How to use Alexa app to play a chosen Amazon Music song on a particular Echo?

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I go to Browse Music, select My Amazon Music,  pick Artist, then a song.  At the top I see a shuffle symbol. I click on and see a few blue dots moving then nothing.  I go back to the Music & Books screen and that song is at the head of the Recently Played list, showing that it is playing.  I walk around the house to my 5 Echos and hear that it is playing on the one in the front porch.  How did it choose that Echo to play on?  Also, when I click on the song in Recently Playing, at the bottom I see a drop down of Now Playing and that shows several different songs on different Echos.  In fact when I click on these other Echos, each plays that different song!  So I am streaming 3 different songs - I thought you were only allowed one!  I'm confused.  I want to simply be at a given Echo and then pick a song to be able to play through that.

The music you selected is playing on a particular Echo because you once played something playing on the phone to THAT Echo, and the phone and Echo reconnect all the time now.  You need to tell that Echo to disconnect Bluetooth next time this happens.  I have a lot of alexa devices and this never happens because IF I PLAY MUSIC TO ANY OF THEM, WHEN FINISHED WITH THE DEVICE I TELL DEVICE TO DISCONNECT BLUETOOTH AFTER USING IT. 

The BT of my phone can always remain on because there is nothing turned ON it can connect to.  This is also handy for when I want to play to my BT speaker; the phone and BT speaker will auto-connect when speaker power is switched on.

Not talking about using bluetooth. I am talking about using the Alexa app on my phone.

If you want to play a song on a particular Echo you just ask it!

That was not what you wrote about and I only explained what you asked about.  I hope you understood that.

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Go to Amazon Music app, and there is a symbol at the top right that looks like a rectangle with two curved arcs at the bottom left of the rectangle. Push the rectangle and it will show a list of your devices that you can connect to.

Thanks everyone. I get it now. All is good! ;D

Not talking about using bluetooth. I am talking about using the Alexa app on my phone.

you still need to make sure you are disconnected from bluetooth if you want to play on your phone.