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Pioneer SBX N500 Soundbar

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Pioneer SBX N500 Soundbar
« on: February 26, 2019, 01:04:00 pm »
Hi all

New on the forums never had a issue , but now having issues hence need of the forums.


My issue is I have Pioneer SBX N500 soundbar with HDMI Arc output and Optical output also . At present using Arc output from Soundbar to Arc input on my Samsung KS9000 TV. TV outputting sound to my Soundbar that's not a issue Soundbar switches on and off when I switch TV off , that's also OK. Problem is I have Amazon Echo 2nd Gen and also 4K 2nd Gen Firestick. Trying to stream music from Echo to Soundbar , I have paired the Echo up with the Soundbar but the process works in reverse meaning the Sound that's comes from.TV to Soundbar thats what Alexa is playing through the Echo. When I try to stream music nothing comes.from my Soundbar if I change input to bluetooth music coming from Echo stops and when I change input back to TV Arc music plays from the Echo. I have valid Amazon Music Sub. 


What I want is to stream music from Amazon Music from Echo through the Soundbar and not stream TV audio from Soundbar through the Echo. Also cant delete the bluetooth Pioneer Soundbar from my Amazon Account, some error comes up saying , cant delete , it shows on my Web page on PC but not showing on my Alexa App on Phone.


Any help gladly appreciated