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Identification of Devices

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Identification of Devices
« on: January 25, 2019, 12:57:20 pm »
Excuse my novice status.
With various switches from Sonoff (wired or plug in) or Maxcio (plug in), the Alexa app always identifies at least two devices, one shown as a 'switch' and the other as a 'house' with WiFi or as a 'bulb'.
The Sonoff wired switch is simply a switch and yet shows a 'house' in addition to the 'switch'.
The Sonoff plug-in does have a small uncontrollable LED,but shows a 'switch' and a 'house'.
The Maxcio plug-ins  do have a controllable LED as well as the switch, but these show a 'switch' and 2 x 'bulbs'.
These latter do have a name for the hardware and also a name for the switch and the LED.
How do I address these to remove the superfluous and misleading devices and retain full control?