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Shuffling music from Amazon Music

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Shuffling music from Amazon Music
« on: January 22, 2019, 03:46:58 pm »
I've recently set up a new 2nd gen echo dot for my mother. It will neither "shuffle music by x artist" nor "play music from x artist" despite opting for free 3 month echo plan with Amazon Music. I suspect it might be connected to setting the default music provider. ...The app won't let me seIect the defalt, it keeps looping the instructions- I've tried doing it repeatedly, restarting the phone etc. Alexa will play a specific song if named but will not shuffle songs or play them by the same named artist/s. I've tried restarting wifi, uninstalling the Alexa app on the phone, deregistering and deregistering the devise. I'm seriously frustrated as I have set up both an echo and an echo dot perfectly for myself. Please help- i'm starting to curse Alexa's name.....
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