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Echo Spot "radio alarm" weird behaviour lately

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Echo Spot "radio alarm" weird behaviour lately
« on: January 10, 2019, 01:04:14 pm »
Hi All

I have my echo spot as my bedside clock / alarm (as most would use it for).

Ive asked it to wake me up every weekday morning at 7am to a radio station.

This has worked perfectly fine for a year so far - but this week its been behaving strangely.

Firstly, at 7 am the radio starts AND i get the beeping alarm.  I cannot stop the alarm without dismissing the whole thing and the radio too.  This hasn't happened every day this week just for a couple for them.

Secondly, this morning the display was on full brightness which is a bit annoying as its normally dimmed depending on conditions and time.

Ive noticed that over the last year things subtly change and get tweaked.  The alarm screen has changed format a few times etc but this looks like something is definitely going wrong somewhere in the background.

Anyone else experienced strange goings-on with the echo spot radio alarm recently?