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Question from a new user, can multiple Alexa apps/accounts talk to same devices?

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Hi everyone.

We have just thrown ourselves into the Alexa deep end by getting three devices for Christmas. We have an echo in the lounge and two echo dots in the kids bedrooms.

So far everything has been setup through my wife’s amazon account and she uses the Alexa app on her phone.

Is it possible for me to run the app on another device (another phone or iPad) and share management of the echo’s or can only one app manage at a time? 
A further detail is whether the app can work from two different Alexa accounts or if only one is supported?

I see there is mention of “household” accounts but not sure if they help with multiple app instances?

Also I gather that some features are USA only?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don't have a family account so cannot comment on that.

You can add as many phones/tablets/pcs as you want when you log in with the same amazon account all can control the same echo's.

You are correct when saying some features are USA only. Depending on where you are, starting that amazon account from the USA might be worthwhile. However, if you don't use any of those features, are in a country that had pretty good alexa support for local stuff or need a specific skill that is only available in another country, make sure you make the right choice which country you start off in.

In my specific case, logitech harmony is a USA skill not available in The Netherlands and alexa support here is still meh so I prefer a USA account, or UK that works too.


You can set up a amazon household account. It only allows one other adult to use and manage the echo devices. The two adult accounts can manage the echo devices from multiple phones and tablets. The household account does not appear to allow child accounts to access to the echo devices, which limits functionality with spotify family accounts.