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More than 2 adult users on Echo

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More than 2 adult users on Echo
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:48:26 pm »

I'm new to this group so, if this is the wrong place to ask, please feel free to re-direct me.

We are in the UK and have an Echo and a couple of Dots, in a household of 3 adults.  I have the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Account (the one that allows up to 6 seperate users).

My problem is that I cannot work out how to set up the Echo devices to allow each of the 3 adults to have their own account (so they can build their own playlists, stream seperately, etc).

I have managed to get 2 of us on there (and to have Echo learn both voices) but that seems to be a function of both of us being in the same Amazon Household. Sadly Amazon Household, in the UK at least, is restricted to 2 adults and two children so I can't add a 3rd adult that way.

Is there any way I can set up the Echos to be able to have 3 seperate accounts and to have them learn to recognise all 3 of us?

Thanks in advance