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Alexa's forgotten some of her colors - she seems to be regressing!

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Starting a couple of weeks ago, first Alexa didn't know blue or any variation of blue.  Now, she doesn't know white or any variation of white. I'm using the 'official' list of 133 colors that was posted someplace - about half of them she still knows, half she does not - but she has known them all for months previously.  She still knows yellow and green and their variations, but I really can't use her now to change all of my colored bulbs, which is the main reason I got it.  Anybody know what is going on?

Re: Alexa's forgotten some of her colors - she seems to be regressing!
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2018, 07:26:47 am »
LOL At first I was like what are you talking about. What bulb are you using any way. I have hue and I never tell Alexa a certain color ever. I prefer the color loop always. I call it rainbow. LOL.

For certain color I use what ever fancy name hue concocted.

You usually see it on scene in Alexa app.

You might have to do a delete and rediscover. I personally don't want to do that but it really is the only way for a robot to relearn anything. Reboot. Always.