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Ecobee 4 Not Going into Away Mode

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Ecobee 4 Not Going into Away Mode
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:35:29 pm »
Ok, I installed the Ecobee 4, everything works great with Alexa and so forth. I have four sensors set up in the house (basement, two upstairs bedrooms and of course, the unit itself on the main floor/living room). My question... should I be using BOTH comfort settings and the schedule? For instance, no one has been in my home except for my two crated dogs since 6AM this morning. However, it is not going into away mode. So right now the ecobee is less efficient than the dumb Honeywell I had that I could program in 4 different times (wake up, leave, return, and bed). I am trying to figure this bird out and I am hoping some of you guys could offer some insight. What am I doing wrong?