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Echo Show's slideshow is stuck showing outdated event as "tomorrow"

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I have my Show set to show my wife's and my own calendars.

Starting out, the Show's slideshow would show the next event coming.  Until we hit the day of the event.  Then it said it was "tomorrow"  And then it stayed that way.

I tried adding an event.  That didn't help.  If you tell it to Show my calendar, it does correctly show my calendar and I can scroll to future events.  But the slideshow is stuck.

Yesterday, I used the Show's settings to hide the Notifications slide.  Then went and set it to display again and it finally updated to show the next event on my calendar.  Which was to say it was "President's Day"

But guess what, that was short-lived because now it says tomorrow is "President's Day"  So I'm back to this being useless for at-a-glance telling me what's coming up.

Any ideas?  As I said, it has correct data what you ask it to "Show My Calendar" so I know it has a proper connection to Google.

Offline kenf

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Re: Echo Show's slideshow is stuck showing outdated event as "tomorrow"
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2018, 11:56:58 am »
This has started to work finally.  Maybe Amazon released an update.

I'm not sure if this is related but anytime I have an all day calendar event, the Echo Show will stick on it until I unlink my gmail calendar from it and then reinstall it. Even then, I'll have to power cycle the Show. This will be after I delete the event from my gmail calendar. Like you, if I have the Show open my events, everything is there correctly but if I go home, it still says "Mom's Birthday 12am" even into the next day.