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Alexa to read xml data?

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Alexa to read xml data?
« on: January 14, 2016, 04:28:59 pm »
I am a bit new to the "techie" world so i apologize for any incompetence i may show.

My end goal is for alexa to repeat xml data after saying something like "Alexa trigger howmany players are online now" and for it to repeat the data listed here, eveapi/result/onlinePlayers.

I have been looking and cannot find anything. Currently, i have the data imported into a google spreadsheet (can convert to excel if necessary) and there is nothing that i can find that can read spreadsheets. (I have looked over IFTTT and everything is writing info, not retrieving it).

Is it possible to do this with a simple solution? Looking over the "official" skills in the app i see plenty of skills that retrieve information off of the internet, so do i have to write my own skill to do this? Where do i get started? I only know the basics of c++ but i can try to learn other languages.