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TAP LED status colors?

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TAP LED status colors?
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:22:35 am »
Bought Tap when firmware allowed Hands-Free operation but immediately "muted" the microphone from active listening via "3 second press of Play/Pause button" as described in the online Help. As I recall, after that setup change, the top/front LEDs turned constantly red which proved very handy as a listening config/state reminder.

Now, for some undetermined reason, I notice that the LEDs are no longer lit at all during idle, neither red or blue. Was this a firmware change?

And if this change was caused by updated firmware, raises another question - How can I determine firmware version update history, with Release Notes, for my specific Tap?
(Currently at v597462520 but no date and no indication of prior updates, if any...)

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