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Amazon Echo - Will hear command & respond but no sound comes out of the speaker

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I'm new to the Amazon echo. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or need to set something up?

I setup our new echo 4 days ago. It responds well and i connected it to prime music and installed a few skills which work great. The trouble is, if the Echo is left for a few hours, it loses the ability to play anything. Alexa will wake up ok and listen to my command. Then will respond to say she's now playing a song or a radio station, but no sound comes out. It's like alexa thinks it's playing but it isn't.

I've turned up the volume all the way, I can still hear alexa so I know the speak is working. The wifi in the house is up and available but still no sound. The only fix I can do is to pull out the power cable and put it back in again. But I'm doing that 3/4 times a day and to be honest, that isn't really a fix.

Can anyone help me before I send it back?

Thanks you in advance.



Have you had a look at the settings on the Alexa web page? I sometimes find it easier to see what's what on a larger screen. This is the UK one; if you're in the US it's probably .com. Might help you see if there's something overriding the output, and it'll certainly confirm that it's actually playing or not.


Omplug for FIVE minutes or more.  It takes time for things to be cleared sometimes.  Also set volume to leve 5 so when it does come on it will not blast sound!

If this doesn't help, google phone number for Echo customer service and call it.

Did you get a fix for this? I just got a Echo Show for Christmas and it is doing same thing