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Echo's Bluetooth announcement

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Echo's Bluetooth announcement
« on: December 25, 2015, 04:17:15 am »
This problem started about a month ago; I.e., it wasn't always present.  When my paired tablet (7-inch kindle) hibernates, echo repeatedly announces, "Connected to Bluetooth" and a few minutes later beeps to announce the disconnect.  This happens 5-6 times an hour.  The only way to stop it is to turn the tablet all the way off.  Can be kind of annoying.


Re: Echo's Bluetooth announcement
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2015, 03:44:35 pm »
This question (or variations of it) has been asked here a few times, and I have replied a few times.  This is what I wrote this past week to someone who's iPhone kept connecting to Echo:

Too many BT signals on can cause issues, not just w/Echo.  You need to turn off BT signals on your phones when not using them; you can't just leave them on constantly in the house and paired with say, the Echo.. 

I just told Alexa to turn off Bluetooth.  She replied, "There aren't any devices connected.  You can un-pair your Bluetooth on your mobile device." So, try that, and un-pair your BT from phone with Echo.  You can re-pair when needed.

(The above also applies to Kindle tablets, iPads, etc.  You also can likely just disconnect the Kindle BT from Echo.)