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2000 Funny Things To Say/Ask Alexa - Have Fun!!

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2000 Funny Things To Say/Ask Alexa - Have Fun!!
« on: October 12, 2017, 11:18:22 am »
I've always been fascinated by the responses of Alexa to my questions ever since I bought my Amazon Echo. ;D

But after a brief and FUN Question/Answer Session with Alexa, I always seem to run out of things to ask or say.  :-X

Therefore I've put together a COOL guide of over 2000+ Questions to ask to your Alexa.  ;)

Some of her replies to the Questions in the guide is damn Funny and some of it will make you think and appreciate her intelligence.

Want a sneak peek into the EBook?? I'm offering it for FREE.

It's available on Amazon and you can download it on your Kindle device for a lifetime access.

Go through it and leave a short review letting me know what do you think !!

Download Link :

US Link :

UK Link :