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Google Home MAX (and Mini) Hands On Video

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Google Home MAX (and Mini) Hands On Video
« on: October 05, 2017, 12:10:14 am »
Yikes!  $399.  I'm glad I'm not an audiophile!  Here is a very interesting hands on (best I've seen so far) video for the Mini and Max.


Re: Google Home MAX (and Mini) Hands On Video
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2017, 01:56:45 am »
Good videos, thanks. 
You bat around the word "audiophile" too loosely.  The Max is a modern day stereo AI "boombox" that will play loudly. and with decent clarity.  But, in no way will it be audiophile quality.  It is aimed at the Apple premium priced AI boombox yet to come. 

Audiophile equipment costs in the thousands of dollars; be it electronics or speakers, and can reproduce the lowest lows and the highest highs of music with precision clarity and accuracy.  None of these AI music boxes can even come close to audiophile quality.  In fact, there is nothing being sent through the internet of audiophile quality.  I play this internet stuff through my (audiophile) stereo system, and the internet music sounds better than played from the AI boxes, but if I pipe some of my digital music from CDs through the stereo, the difference is even better.  The best sound is still from the excellent high-bit CDs made. (OK, and even some of the best vinyl records.) 

The best that can be said about the AI music boxes is that many are, and will be, really nice table radios.  That is why I have some, because they have plenty of bang for the buck, e.g. Google Home and Echo. Mine are on tables and are nice radios, and cheap enough to have more than one in the house.