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Playing a Spotify playlist in another room

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Playing a Spotify playlist in another room
« on: September 11, 2017, 03:53:35 pm »
Has anybody been able to get a Spotify playlist to play in another room with the new multi-room audio feature?

I can play artists in another room by saying "Alexa, play <artist name> on <device name>" and that works. However, neither of the following will work to play a Spotify playlist:

"Alexa, play <playlist name> on Spotify on <device name>"
This always gives the response "I couldn't find anything called <device name>. To check your device or group name go to Settings in the Alexa app".

"Alexa, play <playlist name> on <device name>"
This sometimes says it cannot find the playlist in my music library (presumably looking in Amazon Music although Spotify is the default) but sometimes gives the same response as the first one (not being able to find the device).