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Understanding iOS notifications from Alexa app for family users

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I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue, or maybe can shed some light on it?

I've noticed recently that the Alexa app on iOS now mirrors reminders (push notifications) as iOS banners or notifications. Both myself and my wife have amazon accounts and are connected via the Amazon family prime sharing. As we also share the Spotify music, most of the time all devices are on the same profile.  We also both have iPhones with the Alexa app.  The odd thing is though that the repeated iOS Alexa push notifications only appear on my phone, not my wifes. We've enabled app notifications on both devices after being asked, settings on both devices are the same other than my wife's phone is logged into her amazon account and my phone is logged into mine.  This enables us to keep separate content if needed.
Does anyone else have a similar set up and if so have you managed to get it working well?

Look forward to any suggestions!

Many thanks

Re: Understanding iOS notifications from Alexa app for family users
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2022, 01:07:52 pm »
Can I bump this thread? The explanation is EXACTLY what I was going to ask. I get all the alarms and reminders on my phone (which is great), but we also want those same alerts to appear on my wife's phone. We have tried all kinds of combinations of accounts - even "switch accounts" on the echo device itself but the alarms and such still won't appear on my wife's phone, only mine.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!