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best app on android to control tp-link smart plugs when not home (on cell netwk)

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I want to turn on/off my smart devices remotely from my android phone, when not on wifi, but on the cell network.

I found a tutorial using an app called UBI, but it doesn't seem to work for me. It says hold the button and start speaking, but after a short time of saying, "listening", it goes back to saying hold the button and start speaking. It otherwise ignores what I ask it to do.

I used the app to login to my amazon account. Is there anything else I need to do?

Is there a better app for doing this?

Yes, use the TPL Kasa app; that is what it is for!

Thanks, that worked.

I Thought I was going to need to open a port on my router to allow something outside my lan to get in. I guess my echo must keep a connection going out to amazon and then kasa talks to amazon, or some such.

Sometimes having a little knowledge works against you.

Actually, Echo has nothing to do with it; before there was the tie in with Alexa there was stand alone KASA and that is how folks had to control their smart plugs, and still can -- at home or remotely..

Out of curiosity, how does a remote cell phone, i.e. not wifi connected to my local lan, get into my lan to send controls to my tp-link devices. Do these devices maintain an active outgoing connection to kasa? Is that the internet activity that is reported by my router for these smart plugs?

If I blocked internet access (but allow lan access) to the smart plugs  would they no longer function, remotely or locally or both?

When you set up Kasa, you gave it permission to enter your lan and control the smart plugs.