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Inexpensive way to control lighting & appliances. Also Echo to AV RCVR via BT?

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Hello Everyone,
Just joined this group. I'm thinking of buying an Echo Dot to control lighting, basic appliances as well as play music. The lighting I'm referring to is a swing away lamp that's mounted over my bed which I currently control by a touch light adapter as shown here
It currently has a plain 75 W incandescent bulb. I'm wondering what smart bulbs I can use in that swing away lamp and still be able to control it with the Echo Dot as well as the touch light adapter? What is the least expensive smart bulb out there that's compatible with the Echo Dot? I'm physically disabled and already have some basic home automation devices in my apartment such as an X 10 remote control power module to control a fan as well as a remote deadbolt for my apartment door. Is there an inexpensive starter kit that's compatible with the Echo Dot that provides some basic on/off power modules? Regarding the music, I was hoping I could connect the Echo Dot to my Pioneer AV receiver through Bluetooth but I would still have to buy a Bluetooth adapter for my receiver, the adapter is called the Pioneer AS-BT100. Any reason to think the Echo Dot wouldn't be compatible with this device? I ask because the manual for the adapter says connecting devices must support A2DP profiles. Also, can the Echo Dot be used to play locally stored music such as music on my hard drive?

If there are any Echo or Echo Dot users out there that use their devices for home automation and you feel like sharing info regarding that, please feel free to reply, I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!



Am also physically partially disabled, and was looking for the cheapest practical setup.
With an echo dot, I also setup the following.
2 versions/options
These are great all around standalone controls which can also become "smart" with an addition of a
In the US the RM2 is also available on Ebay (not from china) for less.
It can control RF (AC etc) and IR (TV etc) .
If you have an old unused Android Phone or  Tablet, you can get the RM plugin, and control all of the above from Alexa as well.
I use that setup for lights, AC, TV. Total cost around $120 for Echo Dot, 5 Outlets, RM PRO 2.

I also have a simpler, but more expensive option which is
 Tp-link stuff which is about $25 or so per outlet
or $25 or so for Smart Light Bulbs.
These can be directly controlled by Alexa or by and an app.
Hope this helps.
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BWS systems HA-Bridge is probably the cheapest (free). It will work with most home automation even X10.
It requires a PC running and a bit of time to set up.
I created a free Windows X10 frontend (Alex10) for the HA-Bridge which helps with setup and triggers  X10 events, provided you have a X10 PC interface. ;)