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Alexa to play music in kitchen and living room via Bluetooth at same time Help

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I have big echo in kitchen and I listen to tunein radio most of the day. So I bought a Bluetooth receiver for my stereo in the living room. So now I can Bluetooth to the reciever the living room but the  Alexa in the kitchen won't play . This is driving me crazy. I just want to listen to the same music in the same house at the same time.  Is there a app to control bt devices.. I've been searching all over the web but I'm not that techie .So if you know what I can do. I'd like some advice please



The Echo (since the newest firmware upgrade of the past month) can now SEND a bluetooth signal to a BT speaker or a BT receiver unit. (Previously the Echo could only receive BT signal, so this is an improvement.)

Nevertheless, an Alexa device cannot play music directly on the device speaker and simultaneously to another device via BT.  For the most part, this is a characteristic of most BT devices.  I believe the best you can do is have the current FW on the Echo (you likely do) and pair the Echo BT with the receiver BT.  Now, you can be playing the Echo, move to your stereo by telling Echo to "connect bluetooth" so it connects to receiver so it plays on stereo via receiver.  When you are back at Echo to listen again, tell Echo to "disconnect bluetooth" so sound comes out Echo again.  You may have an issue where the receiver auto connects to Echo again when you do not want it to.  In this case, turn power off receiver.

Using the new BT send feature of Echo, I have done something similar to this. Since my Echo is near front door, I have placed a BT speaker on front porch and sent music to it from Echo via BT (but then, the Echo stops playing through its speaker.)

@ tuicemen
Your suggestion is about BT speakers, and MrsD did not ask about speakers.  She asked about a BT receiver connected to stereo.

@ mike27oct true, however they also said
I just want to listen to the same music in the same house at the same time.
the dual speakers would allow this. ;)


Thank you for the reply. I have paired with my stereo speakers via the Bluetooth receiver. And the echo in the kitchen is nolonger playing music..As the echo is a Bluetooth speaker as well is there a way via an iPhone for example I can send music from my phone to the echo speaker and the stereo Bluetooth speaker and same time


No, an Echo device (any model) can only be connected to one BT device at a, time whether it is sending or recieving.  So you cannot send music, from your phone to both at the same time; only to one or another.  You are welcome to try things if you wish to.